One Million Dollars Could Be Yours!

One Million Dollars Could Be Yours!

When the PCH Prize Patrol knocked on the door of Idaho resident, Stephanie Gornichec, and announced to her and a gigantic TV audience that, “You’ve just won a Million Dollar SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House," Stephanie and her husband, Shaun, were overwhelmed for many reasons!

First of all, a PCH Prize Patrol visit with roses, balloons, video cameras and that famous "Big Check" is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Plus, the Gornichecs were about to declare bankruptcy. The recession had cost Stephanie her job a year before, and despite a terrific resume and unending effort she had been unable to land a job. Stephanie and Shaun had been trying to make ends meet by launching a website around golf, their favorite pastime, but a lack of resources was holding them back. Like many other houses on the block, the Gornichecs’ home - purchased just before the downturn – was up for sale because they could no longer afford the payments.

Stephanie’s first reaction was one of disbelief, then an emotional, “This is fantastic!” followed by hugs and tears. Then Shaun marched out to the curbside, uprooted the “House for Sale” sign and ceremoniously threw it in the trash. This heart-warming true story was seen by millions of TV viewers later when the Gornichecs were interviewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Now, some 16 months later, the Gornichecs are still in their dream home, enjoying golf and happily living their dream after winning $1,000,000.

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One Million Dollars Could Be Yours!

What would the look on your face be if the PCH Prize Patrol surprised you as the next winner of the One Million Dollar Prize from PCH Sweepstakes.

The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol has awarded one million dollars to a lot of sweepstakes winners in a lot of different places. And while their routine is essentially the same every time, the winning moment is never predictable. Will the winner be home? What will they say? How will they feel?

One thing that’s always changing about the winning moment is the look on the face of a PCH winner. What would your expression be if you were the next winner of our online sweepstakes? If the Prize Patrol surprised you as our next SuperPrize winner, would you go with a complete ear-to-ear grin that shows off your pearly whites. Would you go with a shocked look? You know the one where your jaw is practically hitting the floor. Crying tears of joy, perhaps?

Whether it’s happy, shocked, crying, or something we’ve never seen before, one thing would be certain: the look on your face would be priceless. It always is for our sweepstakes winners! How could it not be? Winning the PCH Sweepstakes could change your life for the better!

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